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Clearly Icelandic for 'hole'.


30 March 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Hola (Original Mix) Monakhov & Que 124 D# minor 8:33
Hola (PROFF Remix) Monakhov & Que 128 D# minor 7:34

Alex Monakhov & How's AD 02 introduction was followed by them leaving so fast, they never even said ¡adiós!

Hola (Original Mix)

Hola is the most psychotogenic song on Anjunadeep. This deep-nigh-psy-trance is a constant loop of sanity-draining drugs, & that doesn't stop when the tune arrives. Although tolerable, this oversimplistic 'melody' has all of the style, & none of the flesh necessary to be venerated. It's strange, but it only seems to be. Hasta la vista, M & Q.

Hola (PROFF Remix)

The hadobenthic & fellow psychotic Ershov remixed it how he promised to: with recherche ingredients, direct from the Neptunian sea floor. Using the OM's style only in spirit, Vlad's remix is original & only tangentially mentions the OM's shallow 'tune'. Despite not being his usual wizard self, this is a better fit for AD 02, with its thick, dark trance style, tantalising chords, & a tuneful climax, which is rare for him.