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29 October 2007

Mix Act Duration
Home (Michael Badal Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 7:17
Home (The Timewriter Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 6:59
Home (Tony's Deep Mix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 7:50
Home (Jaytech Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 6:43
Home (Wippenberg Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 8:54
Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 8:23
Home (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Hannah Thomas 6:29

The hypersolar closer to Tri-State had its potential rightly unbound.


A more supernal direction in the theanthropic dichotomy needs this many remixes. Thank you for all of your effort, Hannah Thomas.
There is no trance electrotrash in this: it slides concinnously & lubriciously into foudroyant temulency. Every second of this oozes intoxicating rapture. It is fortunate that this has as many remixes as it does. It ends, & then plays an unrelated science-fiction note. Playfulness is disgustingly rare.

Home (Michael Badal Remix)

Badal, like A&B, remixed another song named 'Home'. B's remix is much better than this facsimile.

Home (The Timewriter Remix)

This discrete madness is vulgar, bestial, & repulsive. More than a waste of time, this is insulting.

Home (Tony's Deep Mix)

McGuinness' solitary solo release seems as though it should be spectacular. However, the entire thing is at least as languid as Timewriter's.
Why is this so pathetic? He could have been congratulating himself on the OM.

Home (Jaytech Remix)

Fueling the excrement train, Cayzer lethally injects this EP with his crass malignancy fit only to soundtrack Uwe Boll. It would take seraphs to resuscitate this EP.

Home (Wippenberg Remix)

& seraphs we find. Yes, he gets a page, despite appearing only twice. This is why.
This nine-minute spectacular wastes no time descending into the bathysphere, & the sapphirine, transmundane tune is simplistic & luculent.
There is some well-done electrotrash for 2007. That is fortunate, since that is all that the climaxes are.
It matters not that this tune structure resembles that of Claessen's Cold Front, since that EP is putrid. Even if Wippenberg had heard it, well then he has used recrement to fertilise the Kadupul[1] flower.
This smaragdine of pitch is one of the deepest supergiants of the Early Years.

Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix) & Home (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

S & T's penultimate appearance was a rework of the club mix, which S & T took the main tune from. Do not ever buy the club mix: it has droll electrotrash, & the climaxes are microscopic & slow. Sterminal's has the most fuscous & pleasurable electrotrash ever, & the main tune is dilated to gargantuan proportions. The tune is original, hiemal, mastodonic, & astronomic. Thus concludes their debut. Their return & exit was much later, & less impressive.