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Punica fide.


16 March 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Horizons (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 128 A# minor 6:43
Restless (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 130 D# minor 6:34
Restless (The Signalrunners Remix) Oliver Smith 130 D# minor 8:42

If you ever meet Above & Beyond, the first thing that you should do is ask them why this EP was in Volume 6.

Horizons (Original Mix)

There have been many lethargic songs, though never one so permeatingly tardigrade. Your mind will be wading in quicksand with this. & Horizons tastes like it too.
The more you struggle against it, the further you are pulled in. This alone doubled the length of the volume. Platitudinarian is not the first label of Oliver Smith, though he was closing in on it quickly.

Restless (Original Mix)

The worst zoonose ever, this musical Pripyat is too dangerous. Meth users could die from boredom. Smith is confounding sea cucumbers with the subhumanity. We've all made mistakes, though some cannot be forgiven.

Restless (The Signalrunners Remix)

Nimmo & Bayer turned Restless into Restless with their name on it. The sole remix of Restless went their fullest arthouse- by which I mean they ran it through their converter. This is how these 'musicians' tried to show depth. I've never met them, & can't say for certain if they're terrible people. I simply have his work by which to judge him. Much like how I have the work of the Boston Strangler by which to judge him. Ultimately, I'd like to have tea with neither.