How You Make Me Smile

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28 May 2012

Mix Act
How You Make Me Smile (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff
How You Make Me Smile (Vincenzo Remix) Jody Wisternoff
How You Make Me Smile (Celsius Remix) Jody Wisternoff

How You Make Me Smile (Original Mix)

Jody Wisternoff is a long name, but its a pleasing one after this. Scorching a trail of tears, JW revolutionised funk with his diverse acousticalism. Although no-one will know how fire is steep, the lyrics nonetheless work as well as words[1] can, stringing a competent, coherent concept together. A minute in, the beat picks up with instruments that never reappear, while introducing a horrific, soul-phantomising back-turned, up-downed, echoed, ghost-spectred instrument. Whatever this allburnative sound is, it greens the earth, & make HYMMS the powertrain that music can be.
Which it is here. The first verses are pacified, anaesthetised, a smooth bit of chewed pap that goes down ruffling no feathers, catching no eyes. The lyrics are special, focusing on change & stability. "How do you keep it so fresh & wild"? will always be a staple of music to me. Notwithstanding the "constant & I" mashmish, the vocals, lead & backing, are a selenolatrous centrepiece to drape the song around. His long "smile" is a hanging garden of Mars, & the fruits therein bloom.
None are bigger than that spectre which rises its head at 2:17. Its violin intro liquidly slides us into fracturewhacking, the ethereal bang heavenises the endlessness of human good, but the first look at rainbow holes at 2:37, when a bestringed instrument slowly draws out a picture of constant bewilderment & disbelief, plucking the chords of belief, transconciousness of music on rainbow fire. Entheogenic sworls & swirts pring up left & right, a fastly strumming, squiggly beatitude riggling furiously. The panhuman confoction is a thick blend of distractions & blindsiding grief. "Every weekday, I'm so lucky I have" rounds off the parade of fantasy as a glue gun seals threads. Even the more talking part of the vocals reshapes the heart! JW slithered into the slickest groove of our lives at 3:40, starting with a violin's wary wander through spidercrabwoods, the right trees to spike metaexistential fear, every word's inflection confecting, the bells & cautious violin clambering swimming through the atmosphere to an island of flerovium diamonds, & drilling new thoughtways. Reaching this height against looks impossible, but he did it again, years later.

How You Make Me Smile (Music Video)

The line "You never fail to be amazed, girl" is the only line in the Book of Oncogenesis. The open overcompensation would be hilarious if it didn't jar this otherwise goldic song. The director, Myles Desenberg, also directed When You Loved Me & A&B's 2018 movie 'Giving Up The Day Job'. Here, MD portrayed a video I would be ashamed to have others know I have seen. The song appreciates ("I'm so lucky I have"), & seems thankful & genuflective to this "girl". The video, per contra, is a smug, sexist portrait of a trophy. He is apparently not the one who does anything for her; instead, she cooks, & dances on the table. She always smiles, even if nothing happens. Good thing DM briefly showed him picking pegs. Even the rain has no consequence. I look forward to never seeing this boring & irritating video ever again.

How You Make Me Smile (Vincenzo Remix)

Peter Josef's[2] vocals aren't the only similar part of this mix. Despite the common elements (such as the final minute of wastage), both should be grasped & never let go of: whereas the OM is a maximalistic whirlwind, Vincenzo's is a simple, though full, funk staircase to hyperjannah.
Each step is a velvet fountain, danced upon by a hard rivμrb to a state very like death. The blackened onyx strings swing back & forth faster enough for closed eye action, our pleasure not multiplying, but cubing. The ghost's echo especially verberates here, exposing the trail's shadow as it ecstasies off into the distance. The OM's guitar bumps are comically included as a minor feature, mocking the yawning void between this slow rocker & the hard jaunt OM. The minutely spiιaḷḸing top of electrokeys has no tune, but it aurifies nonetheless with its ebullient ebriosity, exposing the emptiness & matterless, spaceless spots of this thickly drenched loveride. Although V didn't confuse anyone with another, he did confuse me into loving oblivion.

How You Make Me Smile (Celsius Remix)

If Vincenzo cubed, Celsius tesseracted. Sadly, C dispersed the cryoluminescent abyssism amongst his Y-sides, cuts of shame, a robotic attempt at a staircase that only brings this heroin-eater more ignominy with its flagitious attempt at a transition, resetting to the same unfeeling cecity that curses this otherwise needed mix.
Left field needed a left field, & Celsius mows it. The first fifteen seconds of tune, from 30sec in, should prove to you what life is worth. Minimalism is toxism, but some parts of a song really do need a stripped back area to show the base. The eight-four-four structure will (almost) always find a plane to transcend. The beat keeps time as the lines of space are erased, brains falling out of place, the thinnest layersaw that ever laced. A vastative novation is the violin double-strike, punching low, then dragging the knife up, punctuating the air of the mundivagant psychotropics. A new guitarism shows us how to walk down a Penrose circle, one step at a time, an aural tetraskelion of glyptographic soulism. 2:49 rips us back into glossy unctuousness with a new, pocking pattern of popping percution. Although PJ's vocals are unchanged, the effect is different against the new wondershine. Pity there weren't more remixes.