Human Turbines

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17 October 2011

Mix Act
Human Turbines (Original Mix) EDU & Cramp
Human Turbines (Beat Service Remix) EDU & Cramp
Human Turbines (Ruben de Ronde Remix) EDU & Cramp

Human Turbines (Original Mix)

Ilnaz's third last anjunabeating was his most brontophilic. The effortless, creamy hammering lasts for a while before the elektrofunky twist, an achievement of mind & more mind bringing the Creusot[1] down on the senses, which aren't regained when the violin starts cerebrocuting the air & finishing the song right there, hyperelysium reached. But the cash-moment hasn't even begun.
The perplecting, despairing, dystopian tune crosses galaxies of slaughter, hyperoceanic tidbits & melodies thrown in on the fiery globestorm, no light escaping. Percussive oddities slowly spin Hadrian's web, justifying the oddball title that characterises Tarkhanov's first peak.

Human Turbines (Beat Service Remix)

Before he was Madison Mars, Madis Sillamo made music. His weak simplification added nothing, from his thin gruel electrowash, to the unoriginal tune & nearly unchanged climax.

Human Turbines (Ruben de Ronde Remix)

Ruben the[2] Round added a small, twinkling layer over the whole breakforce that is Human Turbines, copied & wasted. Listen for a sparkling finish, except in the small area where the OM electrotrash is ruffled up a bit, like flipping book pages. Neither of the remixes helped or changed anything, so what say we go for round two?