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10 October 2011

Mix Act Duration
iPeople (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 6:12
iPeople (Space Rockerz Remix) Nitrous Oxide 6:58
Gr8! (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 7:24

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iPeople (Original Mix)

Leaping from 2010 to 2013 like Germany in the 1800s, or the USSR, his results are even more historical. From the first second of this post-Dreamcatcher world, KP announced that music would never be the same. Now, we have space-rippling, echoing flairs wandering on, still lingering in our dreams; crunchy snaps & metallopsych bangs; & recussing, tensing effects to launch us into: his first great bass serpent. This is an update of his old, thinner electrotrashes. His unconfusable style stepped into a new chapter here.
The tune is an announcement itself, harking a piercing vernality that enflames our lives & Vol 9. Moscow didn't party this hard when they won. But the intoxication is the same: another playful melody sprouts to life, before the afterplay hits us like a black hole stripping away our atmosphere.

iPeople (Space Rockerz Remix)

Tarfanaski & Calderone disgracefully spliced their own OM in between the three chapters of iPeople, which were left unchanged. & still the OM supersedes- there's no pretense in that! Here, a morose half-tune plays, not affecting the climax at all. & thus, SR should not affect us either.

Gr8! (Original Mix)

Gimmicks include: inserting pauses between sounds, & titling eye-catchingly, because the tune itself won't do that. This ungreat grate is unlike him at all, with nano key variation, & seems to end half-way through. The synths & vocals say 'classy', & 'meaningful', but listening to it will reveal the void of effort. The only growth here is fungal.