I Kill For You

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10 November 2004

Mix Act Key BPM Duration
I Kill For You (Original Mix) Endre D minor 135 8:44
I Kill For You (Probspot Remix) Endre F major 130 9:38

Endre's second & final release on Anjunabeats is even better than Kallocain.

I Kill For You (Original Mix)

This atrament is decidedly emotional, with the base tune being sorrowful per se, & the synth powering the dolour even higher. There are a few songs released on Anjunabeats today that do not equal even a billionth of the integrity & decency of this accomplishment.
There is an irregular declension, which adds to the melancholia. Radio-like tech effects also occur.

I Kill For You (Probspot Remix)

Included in Volume Two, this is a virtuously original remix that even outshines the OM. The OM declension plays almost entirely throughout, & has some independence.
The declension plays solo, & then is joined & outdone by an original, seraphic composition. They contemporaneously play.
This remix is also in Classics 02, which has plenty of non-classics. Every non-classic mix in that is a grave insult to this, a remix truly (almost) worth killing for.



Exertion, aka John O'Callaghan, has done at least two things on Anjunabeats. Remixing Endre is one of them.
This is simply a conversion to a more orthodox trance style. Do not waste your time with this.