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"You and Anjunabeats have a very strong relationship. How did that relationship begin and how did it remain so strong?"
Funnily enough it started where I met a guy named Maor Levi who’s on Anjunabeats as well, and Maor has always been a good friend to me even before he was on Anjuna and always kind of pushed him because he’s a great producer. At the time I was doing cheesy music for other people because I was trying to survive and pay my bills. Maor heard one of my tracks was like ‘listen dude, this is really good’ and he sent it forward to A&R, the label, and the label called me straight away and asked me if I had any other material and in that moment in time I had zilch. I had nothing.

Album Year
Scars 2018
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ220 On Our Own 2011 Maor Levi
ANJ238 Namaste 2012
ANJ260 Capetown 2012
ANJ266 Sinai 2013
ANJ287 Under My Skin 2013 Jerome Isma-ae
ANJ297 Spheres 2014
ANJ302 Big Ben EP 2014
ANJ316 Tension 2014 Jerome Isma-ae
ANJ321 Snapdragon EP 2015
ANJ329 Tesseract / Lighthouse EP 2015
ANJ339 43 2015
ANJ348 Bonsai 2015
ANJ353 All These Wounds 2015 BT
ANJ370 Bigger Than Love 2016
ANJ385 Shake The Air EP 2016 Maor Levi
Song Act Year Collaborator
Love Is Not Enough Above & Beyond 2012 Maor Levi
Immersion Lange & Genix 2013
Fire Fire Fire Marcus Schossow 2014
Lucid Dreams Mat Zo 2014
Satellite OceanLab 2014
We're All We Need Above & Beyond 2015