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11 February 2013

Mix Act Duration
Immersion (Original Mix) Lange & Genix 6:52
Immersion (ilan Bluestone Remix) Lange & Genix 6:26

Immersion (Original Mix)

2013 was the highest a rainbow can grow, on par with 2014 as the blissful garden of Eden we walked into in 2005 & were expelled from in 2016. Vol 10 was a tachyonic trailtazer at every step, & this is the briskest air on Peak XV. This was Langelaan's final AB release; not gone but not forgotten, since he stuck around on AD. For Genix, this was another green-hot branding iron from his 2013 furnace. The first unique thing about Immersion is the pause between the last twinge of the lead-up & the first cinder of the trash, a suspended marathon of anticipation, a new step towards the savant horizon. They take a step back when we get to the electrotrash, which is experimental, but sorely antaphrodisiac, trading in energy for quirkiness, defusing the livewire every few seconds for another weak, dry nudge from a newborn cockroach that's been flattened from the head down. This unique electrotrash is one part synth being strangled before it does something other than raise hopes, seven parts shrunken heads sleepily chewing each other up, which is not as interesting as it sounds. & it sounds like rough anaesthetics, awkward mangling, bees stinging each other to death; a centipede sapped of its will. The piano saves nothing; as with the synth, it tells us that deophany is coming.
2:25 sheds the butterfly of its chrysalis of lead, & it soars into the heavens. 2:39 lifts the curtain on an unwalked path, a multi-rainbowed highway of silky mouse bones crunching softly under feet massaged by these masters' delicate synths. This is one of the simplest tunes of all Anjuna, and it is one of the best. Only two notes, & they can rip from the skull any placidity it knew. An unthinkably undeviating, unwinding and unchanging tune that changes everything: Immersion is a great leap wayward. Half of this is the same note on repeat. Somehow, it only strengthens its reason to be that way, building closer & closer to the Sun, losing memory of the ground, no longer trapped by gravity. Gange's rush is a retro big band effect reblooded for this century. How tragic it is, to die without hearing this! The piano further tightens the immersion with its doublet sequence shimming up & then landing down on the second round, which is repeated for the main tune's length. The climax's swinging, circumblasting panjandrum is its own stylistic triumph over predictableness & the humdrum. The title is even appropriate- self-glorifying, but descriptively & acceptably. Thank you Lenix.

Immersion (ilan Bluestone Remix)

Sadly, only one remix exists. Thankfully, it defies expectations & hopes. How could anyone match or even exceed the OM' s theolysis? iB shows us the way. First, he outdid the electrotrash: his personal grindmill is a gritting groove of great obliteration, from the smallest particle, to the hugest thalassolith. His onyx-scalpel klaxons divide the air as he integrates the OM synth perfectly well. 2:10 sees the tune reflourishing, but 2:39 sees the big lemon twist of this revolution: iB's own addition, his lethally saccharine curlicue synth. This basic convolution has several Chiltepin[1] moments, all of which outdo laminar flow in smoothness & otherworldliness. Usually, saccharine is an insult, used for pop culture cookie-cutter radio much, but here, it is a good description for something so sugary, so shamelessly orgastic, so pleasureable without foretastes or dignity, no pretense or buildup, no hidden layers or effort to reach this golden core. That is ilan's contribution, on top of the OM's Herculean volume from the foregrounded instruments to the backing supernovae. & in the climax, it's even sweeter.
Bluestone could not be nakeder in his intention to not just fix Earth, but advance it to something new. Immmersion is a forever-standing monument to entering Heaven, & still fixing up the place once you get there. Anjunabeats is still engraved on my heart, thanks to breakthroughs like this.

  1. pepper