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The most beautiful sculptures are those which are made of the hardest materials. Or something.


27 February 2012

Mix Act Duration
In & Out Of Phase (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange 11:02
In & Out Of Phase (Club Edit) Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange 7:38
In & Out Of Phase (Norin & Rad Remix) Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange 6:33
In & Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee Remix) Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange 6:10

In & Out Of Phase (Original Mix)

The longest song in AB needed the space to breathe. The literal title notes the frequent shifts from one state to another. There are four:
We open (after forty-three seconds) with Bayer's sigil, the correct use for a violin. Most songs of any genre putrefy, but classic does especially because of the focus on sporadic flashes of shallow sound that go nowhere. The greatest instrument was in good hands with such an aerial sculptor, Homeric in & out.
The second phase is future garage, a new, yet simplified melody. ML's guitar rocked back into full riff mode, salting a tang on the mechanical chainbot. This incomplexity is the sweet, pangy bone of I&OOP.
Down the stretch lays a road paved with the bones of the fallen. (Losers.) It's a nice crunch under our feet. Phase 3 is Lange's sandbox, shaping up to P4, a springy rubberfest that gels well with the later wooden gravel river that is Lange's snaps & clicks. Guest star Kerry Leva wists over the beats, doing little but adding much. It melts into P1, & cycles back into P3, guitar reverb & all, then climaxes with swirling chords into a horizontal abyss. Their two spirits didn't clash, though they are silkily incongruous. Now all we need is to ruin it for Vol 9.

In & Out Of Phase (Club Edit)

This is one of Bayer's so-called club edits, where he subtracts a minute & calls it a day. Where is the full CM? Who knows. It might not even exist, & I hope that it doesn't. P2 is absent, so this ashpile is just P4→P1 to the climax all over again. Lazy & brazenly criminal.

In & Out Of Phase (Norin & Rad Remix)

The OM's violin was a great choice to kick off their penultimate year. The Norin & Raddest electro₰ثash is instantly recognisable, as always. But the one wrecktacle we care about is preceded by their very own te₭nఅthlon, AIing the acme & climbing to K4003.
Their sonoboost is acedious in concept, & chagasic in execution. They later made better choices. Then they split.

In & Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

Dnb shouldn't be dismissed, thanks to this. Their update of P4 spun into the งioໂٲṋ again, but this time, the forestual exit is a land of gumdrops.
The legendariest Anjunadnb flexuously torsed, hyperflexion & lateroflexion divagating devilly. The boomslang itself shold've been louder, but the idea got through: they made I&OOP's non-vyol interesting. My pungcha goes off for them.[1]

  1. Although, the metadata on my copy of this says the composer is Beck Hansen. So there's that.