In The Jungle / Ozone

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Xerotic, then erotic.


6 April 2010

Mix Act
In The Jungle (Original Mix) Jaytech
Ozone (Original Mix) Jaytech

In The Jungle (Original Mix)

'Jungle'. From the Sanskrit जङ्गल, meaning 'arid wasteland', perfect for this xeroxed xerophagia. As delicious as a diet of xerophytes & xerophagy, ITJ is one of the banes of AD 02. The Plato of psilosophy himself added this to an already suffering compilation.
Nocent ataraxy is why he doesn't deserve praise. This song, by the way, has no 'jungle' influence of any sort except maybe world music, but that's Cayzer as usual. There's only one comfort from this.

Ozone (Original Mix)

This is a deep gulp of fresh air. A little O3 was necessary to revive AD 02 after that dementor's burp. Everything in this is elephantine: the electrotrash calls forward to his later electrohouse with heavy drum, plangent, perfervid guitar asperously beglooming, & squinking bounces all around in the Anjunabeats maximalist way, the only way to pleasure.
A stripped guitar introduces us to a mirifical splendour, volitarily rising, gaining new heights in a rhapsodic succession of call-forwards to his electrohouse, with increasingly adrenergic strains, a harshly atomic winter.
To glaze, gild, saccharise, & decorate the icing on the earthday cake is an assortment of iridescences, from an erethic theosis, a heretic tintinnabulation rounding out each round with saccharogenic burnination, & etheric, campaniform tonitruations, all pounding away with the guitar & more, leading to the most theurgical, cacuminal postlude, all in the morrowless, mirandous auriferity bigger than UY Scuti cubed.