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13 December 2010

Mix Act BPM
Indigo (Original Mix) Activa 136
Indigo (Robert Burian Remix) Activa 136
Indigo (Chris Melton Remix) Activa 134

Stevenson's farewell fared poorly.

Indigo (Original Mix)

Scientists can now measure a 'zeptosecond', which is a unit of time equal to 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001 seconds. This is also the collective amount of time that was taken to compose this "song".

Indigo (Robert Burian Remix)

Unlike the last time, when he futured it up, this his regurgitation of something unswallowable to begin with. Rocks move faster than this does. We don't need Zeno to tell us he'd lose to a tortoise.

Indigo (Chris Melton Remix)

Finally melting cubes, Chris played up the light bells, & played over his own bassline, a repetitive, simple dose of deinsolation, enough to catch the ear, but not to satisfy it. A tidy bow on this acerbate EP.