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18 July 2011

Mix Act Duration
Infatuation (Original Mix) Maor Levi & Raul Siberdi 8:46
Infatuation (Nitrous Oxide Remix) Maor Levi & Raul Siberdi 8:05

Infatuation (Original Mix)

Fellow Israeli Raul appeared on here once. The only fatuity here is their choice to make six minutes of amusical bromide. There is a two-minute sequence with a tune, but ignore it. It was done much better by Pretkiewicz.

Infatuation (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Thank you for the fix. This Pole took their folly, their desecration of the holy flary, & wrested a paean out of their wretched moral ruins. The original had an inkling, so here's the well: the base is airy, spaced piano, dissociatedly prancing around in ether, slowly, sinuously weaving a prevernal gossamer. The Polak added his own buttress, a rapping wondershine that molds with the sanctifying vocals & his flexuous, sharding bass.