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15 May 2011

Mix Act
Interstellar (Original Mix) PROFF
Steps (Original Mix) PROFF

Vlad remixed plenty in 2012, but these were his final OMs.


A send-off more blazing than any longboat. This casts long shadows from the first moments, a Jovian atmosphere ripe for AD 03. Swimming in syrupy air is right for this Ershovesque thundercloud, which announces the light termination with gloomy notes, still light for the journey ahead. VE's tropical delights & vehement violins rain away again, into the eye. & out again into the first part again, though with new disco.
You'll get this in AD 03. It's nothing next to Steps.


Transmundane can conceiveably begin to describe this. His heartquaking is hinted at early, threaded in a funk groove grove, where even the allusions are ultraluxe. But this beatific vision is well underway. The next pretaste even shows the mechanoluminescent bells, light metal enflaming with their light alone, which come in two versions, reverse eustasies that come in the flavours 'desperate' & 'unconsolable'. Ineffable delectation, bigger & darker than S5 0014+81, is the mark of Steps, the pinnacle of acmes of zeniths. Ershov's quantum satanics are irreplicable, irreplaceable irradiance. The background holdover & ultimately tuneful base appears to have been inspired by Jaytech's unreleased 2006 song 'Bluesky Breeze', but it's ok, since that wasn't released anyway, & isn't any good either.