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3 November 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Irufushi (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 134 G minor 6:52
Irufushi (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) Super8 & Tab 130 G major 6:53
Irufushi (Sean Tyas Remix) Super8 & Tab 134 G minor 8:13

Click here for the other remix. Their first album single, & it wasn't even made by them.

Irufushi (Original Mix)

This Vol 7 blazer & first pretaste of Empire is as eclectic as its Maldivian name implies. These Finns breathed a new fashion into Anjunabeats, helping to grow from merely trance. Or they would have if this hadn't been made by Tenishia. S8 & T have such a nondistinct style that I doubt they had anything to do with this at any point.
Abstract vocals lead into Mansnerus & Eloranta's tune: the Maldives are 99% water, & so is Irufushi, drawn from the Pierian Spring. The semperjuvenescent virescence harks back to Won't Sleep Tonight's futuristic boldness. Am I to doubt the authorship of that as well?

Irufushi (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)

He's a fine artist sometimes, though his sole Anjunabeats outing is intentionally unlistenable. Cut, half-cut, copy-pasted drabness; bleak.

Irufushi (Sean Tyas Remix)

Thankfully forgotten, this half-attempt changes almost enough to not be copy & pasted, & isn't worth anything.