Irufushi / Mercy (Remixes)

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Both of these are bonus tracks for Empire Remixed, which had already been released.


5 September 2011

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Irufushi (Adam Nickey Remix) Super8 & Tab 137 F# minor 7:50
Mercy (Alex Kunnari Remix) Super8 & Tab 133 D# minor 6:35

I love revisits. You can right wrongs, explore new paths, or update, though the latter hasn't ever been worthwhile. This one-sided coin shows the difference between them.

Irufushi (Adam Nickey Remix)

Blatant copying & pasting dogged Super8 & Tab around this time. It's corrupt, artistically, & morally, & ethically, & we cannot let this go on.

Mercy (Alex Kunnari Remix)

Kunnari used his golden ticket well. The cunning Kunnari had his own tunes, per contra the barren OM. As usual, the vocals spark to life when set against an ultraluminous tune. Alex's mix, dripping with gold, becomes stale at the climax, but klaxons back to life with smaragdine bells. Robinson Crusoe here made ice-cream by himself. Starly.