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James Grant is the brother of Jono Grant. The wikipedia page for James Grant (musician)[1] is a different guy.
Apaprently, he can only mix with the help of a master, such as Jaytech, Bayer, or Wisternoff. Could he have done good marketing things or whatever? James Grant is probably no musician. From a 2012[2] interview:
The DJing is just a hobby really and the production stuff is even rarer. My day job is managing Above & Beyond and our team and that's what gives me the most satisfaction.

Which is which? I don't know.

He definitely has more of the technical knowhow. I think the way those have gone in this instance is I’ve come to him with those particular tracks and said, ‘I really like these. I think we should do something together on these.’ He’s gone off and started on them and then I’d say ‘Yeah, perfect’ or ‘No, let’s go in this direction.’ So I originated[4] the suggestions of which tracks and then he’s led the studio process from there with a bit of input from me.

Designation EP Year Collaborator (obviously)
ANJDEE076 Moth 2010 Jaytech
Song Act Year Collaborator
Breaking Ties OceanLab 2008 Jaytech
Flaming June 2010 BT 2010 Jaytech
Weekend Rubdown Da Funk 2011 Jaytech
Prelude Above & Beyond 2012 Andrew Bayer
Take Me Away Full Tilt 2012 Andrew Bayer
Gravity POS 2012 Andrew Bayer
It's Cool The Presets 2013 Andrew Bayer
Hollow Talk Choir Of Young Believers 2014 Lane 8 & Jody Wisternoff
Space Me Out Downtown Party Network 2015 Jody Wisternoff
Made For Myself DEMS 2015 Jody Wisternoff
Miradors Solomon Grey 2015 Jody Wisternoff
Luv Deluxe Cinnamon Chasers 2017 Jody Wisternoff