James Grant's Anjunadeep 05 Sampler

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29 July 2013

Mix Act Duration
It's Cool (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) The Presets 7:15
Mr Man (Original Mix) Dusky 7:22
Living (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer & James Grant 8:11
Osheen (Original Mix) Universal Solution 9:18
Symbols (Original Mix) Solarity 4:46

It's Cool (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)

The original is one of The Presets' classics, up there with This Boy's In Love, Push & Promises. Bayer & Grant chose a great song from their best album, Pacifica, & despite not changing much, they really made a difference. The alteration is less of an original break into ice that has seen reptilians' offspring grow fur and hands, but rather a series of small improvements, all of which are welcome. I am not insinuating that the upturn from drenched trenches towards the waterspout-striking sky at the end of the original is the least bit peccable, though. That would have been amazing to hear in the AD deep house style. So what do we have?
The OM's ordinary guitar design is taken away, & replaced with the lavishest grandeur that no trillion-dollar mansion could provide. The Taj Mahal is only a garret compared to the opulent finery of this luxurious bastion of gravity. & the livery comes not from any ostensibly ostentatious fashion, but rather, it grows out of the lightyear-filling, galaxy-engulfing magnitude of the dignity and raw horror of such a monumental scope as that found within. The awe that spills forth from Bayer's mind is air-curdling.