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20 June 2011

Mix Act Duration
Japanese Schoolgirls (Original Mix) Suspect 44 7:18
Japanese Schoolgirls (PROFF Remix) Suspect 44 6:50
Japanese Schoolgirls (Answer42 Remix) Suspect 44 7:44
Minato (Original Mix) Suspect 44 5:51

Ershov, A42 & S44 were great friends on Anjunadeep & Intricate. Their first of two releases is one example.

Japanese Schoolgirls (Original Mix)

The irrelevant title didn't stop this from making AD 03. I choose to believe it's asexual, much like the first four minutes & ten seconds of the song. After the mild funk ramblings, the minute one-minute climax throbs away, the forlorn tune funking the tears out by ascending slowly, then bouncing forth & back ebriously & ecstatically.

Japanese Schoolgirls (PROFF Remix)

Vlad's overlay is no ripoff: starting with the Ershovite umbra cast over the preceding proceedings, a 4-4-8, always nirvanic. The shadow is overshadowed by his new tune, more of a riff, 500% more despondent, a cascading desparity[1] that can't turn off the fireworks or waterworks, another victory under his belt.

Japanese Schoolgirls (Answer42 Remix)

This trio-on-trio hexeract worked thalassically: their fusion made hyperfusion, since A42 gave a new, contorting tune, drowning out the old. Their sacchariferous OM is more vulcanic than Yellowstone could ever be. Their black frost glossed Anjunadeep all over, rendering Japanese Schoolgirls a blazing success at every turn.


'Minato' is Japanese for 'port' & 'assemble', Italian past tense for 'mine', & Latin second-person singular future active imperative for 'impel', though it's closest to 'minatory', English for 'threatening'. I say this because there is nothing to say about this dull memory-hole.

  1. sic. Despairing