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Jaytech is the stage name of James Cayzer. He was born in 1985 & raised in Canberra,[1] & he's the best musician from here, too, up there with Empire of The Sun & The Aston Shuffle. His debut album[2] was the first Anjunadeep album. His egotistical third album was the first on his own label, Positronic.
At every step of his career, he has had a distinct style. His oeuvre is alternative. From 2008-11, it was an acoustic-incorporating groove with sprinkled light metal, synths, & bass, all of it unique. In 2012, he changed to a less distinctive, though still personal, & still instantly recognisable, progressive sound. In 2013, his small output was just as progressive, & slightly deeper. In 2014, it was his very own species of electro house. Since 2015, he has had a style similar to 2012's.

Name Year Label
Everything Is OK 2008 Anjunadeep
Multiverse 2012 Anjunabeats
Awakening 2015 Positronic
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJDEE012 Spacelift / Essence 2007
ANJDEE020 Headcase / Pepe's Garden 2008
ANJDEE022 Groove Nova / Deadlock 2008
ANJDEE026 Vela 2008
ANJDEE030 Pyramid 2008
ANJDEE034 Sundance / Nemesis 2009
ANJDEE040 Metro / Wannabe 2009
ANJDEE046 Delta 2009
ANJDEE059 Milano 2009 Boom Jinx
ANJDEE073 In The Jungle / Ozone 2010
ANJDEE076 Moth 2010 James Grant
ANJDEE105 Paradox / Djembe 2011
ANJDEE124 New Vibe / Echo 2011
ANJDEE133 Overdrive / New Vibe 2011
ANJDEE142 Atlantic / Synergy 2012
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ251 Stranger 2012
ANJ259 Multiverse 2012
ANJ279 Inception / Wipeout 2013
ANJ284 Labour Of Love 2013
ANJ304 Megastructure / Earthbound 2014
ANJ309 Code Red 2015 Super8 & Tab
Song Act Year Collaborator
Home Above & Beyond 2007
With You Electrobios & Interplay 2008
A Sort Of Homecoming Paul Keeley 2008
Sunrise Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith 2009
If I Could Fly OceanLab 2009
Breaking Ties OceanLab 2009 James Grant
Terminal 6 Solarity 2010
The Taxi Driver Andrew Bayer 2010
Flaming June 2010 BT 2012 James Grant
Surrender Tranquility Base 2011
Formula Rossa Above & Beyond 2011
Weekend Rubdown Da Funk 2011 James Grant
Eternal Sequence Super8 & Tab 2011
Rubicon Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies 2015