Just One More

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20 August 2012

Mix Act
Just One More (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff
Just One More (Martin Roth Remix) Jody Wisternoff
Just One More (MANIK Remix) Jody Wisternoff

Just One More (Original Mix)

The penultimate single from Trails We Blaze is the third most tolerable. Pete Josef, unusually, does not make this honeyer than the tune would be without him. Josef's spoken word refrains barely move above static, unlike his performance in Mat Zo's Fall Into Dreams. Aside from this mute ghost, the song does rather well: the main rumbleweed bass blows along & looks ominous, but underneath the black cloak is raw flour. Not out of a sack, mind you, but still infested with weevils. Their beady eyes eat up any effort JOM could have had, replacing it with their droppings of wasted potential. The violin does most of the work, springing out of the ashes of the moribund bass to fly straight into a slugcatcher. This salty finish is the last of the bad tastes that Wisternoff left here.

Just One More (Martin Roth Remix)

Ignoring JW, Roth gave us the best of his life. The mild bass is replaced with thundermallets hammering out an imprecatory tune, repetitive & uncivil. Without something to hit against, this brutal charisma rules what it touches. Alongside this delicious abuse swirls the violin, a crystal spectre of simple, yet inner disheartēnment. The icy chiaroscuro makes the sumptuousest blend of crushing anger & crushing sorrow AD has seen.

Just One More (MANIK Remix)

Chris started his AD excursion here. Subgeneric, tuneless, sickening, heartless; CM should have done anything else. Certainly not put this re-egesta in front of my ears. Fly, flea.