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Kahwe is the stage name of Joe Cowie. On Twitter, he is @kkahwe. On Reddit, he is u/ewhak. I will explain here.

Designation EP Year
ANJDEE160 Driving Me Wild EP 2013
ANJDEE195 Sit Back EP 2014
ANJDEE243 San Salvadore EP 2015

On the other hand, he posts against the invasion of Syria. His 471 [sic] followers might appreciate his self-description as much as I do: "ex e-list dj. content will not be funny witty or relevant". Das stimmt. On Reddit, ewhak has 81 karma, since 24 June 2014. Sadly, our private messages are unrecoverable. It was nothing more than 'ah yes hello' anyway. Doesn't matter, there's another one I can cross off my list.