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The atramental scheme is meritorious.


3 March 2004


Title Act Key BPM Duration
Kallocain (Original Mix) Endre A major 136 9:07
Kallocain (Robert Nickson Remix) Endre C# minor 136 9:16

Kallocain is a dystopian science fiction novel written in an era back when dystopian fiction & science fiction were good. (1940.) It is about a global state that develops a truth drug named 'Kallocain' to extirpate sedition. This book is priceless.

Kallocain (Original Mix)

Kallocain is another exemplar of the early years: nine minutes long; has a creative tune. Although not as prepossessing as most other songs on Anjunabeats, this is amazing in its alternativeness. Piceous without overwhelming melancholy, this is a wonder for all the sombreness confederated with the sweeping sorrow.
The exquisiteness of this song lies chiefly in its bizarreness. There is some comeliness in the tune, though not much.
It bears some relation to the book. I'll let you decide how much.
This should be included in Alternative Beats 02.

Kallocain (Robert Nickson Remix)

Included in Anjunabeats 100 & Volume 2, this is a welcome rework that predominantly reverses the back- & foregrounds of the OM. The nature & tune of this mix is more pleasing than the OM, via slight rearrangements in the tune. This has some effort put into it, & it pays off somewhat, being (not much) better than the OM.