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29 August 2011

Mix Act Duration
Kate (Original Mix) Arty 6:22
Kate (2015 Remix) Arty 4:04

Kate (Original Mix)

In his four years, Stoliarov made about one seraph's cake per year. This is not one of those desserts. Instead, this is one of his boisterous, massive room house clangers, tarantist only from pure volume alone, with a half-tune to debland it. But not only blandness is reproachable- so is this saccharine wormslime. Some ataracticists like to copy & paste their song out to six minutes or so, resulting in a boring, repetitive mirror. What's the point of repeating? I would rather have a seven-minute climax than two threes & a minute of useless tension.
The unastounding sentiment of Kate was never worth visiting once, let alone twice.[1]

Kate (2015 Remix)

Four years degraded him- at least the OM is a small accomplishment. This CM bodysnatched the last follicle from it, minimally changing the style to a more 'future house'-tinged pile. Also, why do his four-minuters have such long endtros?
Mat Zo & Arty 2011 songs are the most popular on the AB YouTube channel.[2] Kate is #4. This did not deserve 1 million views.