Keep On

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24 April 2006

Mix Act Duration
Keep On (Original Mix) Supermodels From Paris 7:00
Keep On (Komytea Remix) Supermodels From Paris 6:46

Komytea's debut is lacklustre, though memorable.

Keep On (Original Mix)

This is tuneless, & total dross. That is all.
Whoever the Supermodels From Paris are, they probably changed their name: only one other release bears their name, & it's a supernal remix.

Keep On (Komytea Remix)

Labelled as the 'JC1' remix on[1] Beatport for some reason, this original remix has a fuliginous tune: the variation appears only at the last bar. This homogeneous mix has intense ambience of atrament. The use of vocals make this very memorable. That in no way justifies the inclusion in Volume Four.
This remix is not worth breathing for. Komytea improved. So did Volume Four.