Keyboard Cowboys

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False title.


7 September 2010

Mix Act
Keyboard Cowboys (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer
Keyboard Cowboys (Jay Lumen Remix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer

Volume 8 couldn't burn any brighter.

Keyboard Cowboys (Original Mix)

Slick voltaic funk is the best way to glissade into this future entrance, slipping into the lygophilic, long-fuse melody that catapults us through a wall of titanium knives: the savagely beating metal out of nowhere, a mellitic crepuscule intersnaking in & around, the vocals topping off this Noahian deluge. The legend returns with the ebriosity of eight lifetimes: a toroid, loopy soul irradication thrashes smoothlier than a skyful of honey clouds.
Eternal ignescence. Ad unguem.

Keyboard Cowboys (Jay Lumen Remix)

The remixer would have been N2O, or Matan, or Marton, if this had been AB. But it wasn't, so we had this. & it theriomorphs.
By xenomorphing: this is so left-field, that it becomes left-field again. The transconscious iteration is only one mind-wearing part of this aposematic onyx.
It seems like a test of will & expectation. It takes six minutes to get to the first, & last part of the tune, a mere flash of something great at only thirty seconds. It descends into the hyperchilled hadalpelagic with a delayed drop, all the more conturbative when it hits you where you like it. That's right, only two different notes in the whole thing. & it works with the highest-flying colours.