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6 June 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Kiksu (Original Mix) Kyau & Albert 138 D# minor 6:26
Kiksu (Boom Jinx Remix) Kyau & Albert 128 D# minor 7:39

Kyau & Albert's third Anjunabeats release is a rhapsodic delight.

Kiksu (Original Mix)

This is seraphic & hibernal, truly redeeming them after the stain that is Made Of Sun / Falling Anywhere. Flowing with their signature acoustical style, this has a fuliginous tune early on, which is thankfully carried throughout. The percussive pads perfectly amalgamate with the rayless undertones. This is essential.

Kiksu (Boom Jinx Remix)

This has an extremely unique & creative style, which is not surprising from Eide. However, the tune is just the OM with more focus on the tenebrific aspect. The result is a surprising, alternative, strangely styled even for Anjunabeats rework with no tuneful originality.