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12 October 2009

Mix Act
Kilimanjaro (Original Mix) Michael Cassette
Kilimanjaro (Solarity Remix) Michael Cassette

Kilimanjaro (Original Mix)

Great heights are promised, but instead, mundanity creeps along the soundscape. Polluting AD 02 & Temporarity, this nadir of their AD career is the second mountain-named Anjuna release. When will there be a Vinson Massif, or an Acongagua, or a Denali, or a Kosciuszko?

Kilimanjaro (Solarity Remix)

For some reason, Granger-Howell & Harrison stuck around after this. Probably to release their album. They weren't consistently marvellous, but this is an insult to their talent. How could they be treated so disgustingly? Unless they chose to, in which case see above.
This is no improvement on the disease.