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19 January 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Killer (Original Mix) Sucker DJs 126 A minor 8:26
Fresh (Original Mix) Sucker DJs 126 F minor 8:45

One is a slightly psychonautic excerpt from the 1970s. The other is tuneful. Guess which one is in AD 01.

Killer (Original Mix)

Listening to this on repeat fourteen times opens new perspectives, such as the revelation that it's no better the fourteenth time. An iota of comforting discomfort arises from the simplist, overcast, overextended electronicness, which adds up to exactly nothing that anyone should pay for or listen to.

Fresh (Original Mix)

The Sucker DJs is a duo comprised of Stretch Silvester & Ben Macklin, neither of who should be familiar to you, & only one of them could be. You will never see them again, for good reason. At least we know what James Grant saw in Macklin.
Demonstrating that tune outweighs production, this eglomeration of deep trance spills atmosphere all over, with acclivities accompanying the vineal tune, climbing about as high as a real vine, on a short stick. Nothing spectacular, but still a better fit for AD 01.