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Lane 8 is a man named Daniel Goldstein. He arrived in 2013, & founded his own label, This Never Happened, in 2016. It is named that because he was bothered by people taking pictures & video at his shows. He has one AD album, Rise.

Daniel Goldstein
Designation EP Year
ANJDEE164 Be Mine 2013
ANJDEE184 The One EP 2014
ANJDEE190 Every Night 2014
ANJDEE214 Diamonds / Without You 2014
ANJDEE226 Ghost 2015
ANJDEE230 Hot As You Want 2015
ANJDEE235 Loving You 2015
TNH001 Fingerprint 2016
Song Act Year Collaborator
Miradors Solomon Grey 2015
Wallflower Maribou State 2015
Hollow Talk Choir Of Young Believers 2015 Jody Wisternoff, James Grant
Bloom Odesza 2015
Sticky Fingers Above & Beyond 2015
Home Icarus 2016
Got This Feeling Cubibolor 2016
Ghost Voices Virtual Self 2016