Larry Mountains 54

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#1 in chronology. Not #1 in quality.


27 May 2005

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Larry Mountains 54 (Original Mix) David West 132 D# minor 8:45
Larry Mountains 54 (Inkfish Remix) David West 132 D# minor 7:32
David West

But not bad either.

Larry Mountains 54 (Original Mix)

In this raylessnessv, the progressive, acoustical style entrances funnily, but the spectacle is the nemoral, auroral, aural reverb & its requisite shade. It's still more playful than epic, so six years later, LM returned.
Six minutes in, a retro synth that convolutes even more irisatedly than the rest could. Here is where West's cardioiriscope lies, exvoluting & involuting intricately in ways the rest of the song can't & doesn't. Postlusion goes on & on, it's great.

Inkfish- Squid to Deutsch & back.

Larry Mountains 54 (Inkfish Remix)

Tintenfisch darkened it, as is their name. But the OM isn't ichorous in the first place, so this abasement becomes even more basic when they reduce & file away at it. Without being as colourful as rainbow squid, spellbinding as vampire squid, or mind-stopping as giant squid, these are just mental squidlings.

Larry Mountains 54 (Juventa Remix)


Jordin Post's sadly sole Anjuna sounds exactly like what DW tried to say with the original, & so it has a bonus astral original tune. Without distracting from the OM, Juventa fluidised & finally gave us a pantagruelian, pathopoeic pandemonium. After the mostly held back, middling restraints, Post made an unbound, satisfying burnination. 2011 was a good year.