Lassoo / No Longer Strangers

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9 March 2010

Mix Act
Lassoo (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff
No Longer Strangers (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff

The Big Bang. The Declaration of Codependence. The forceless carriage. The drop of the apple is now on full display: this was Wisternoff's debut.

Lassoo (Original Mix)

So it begins. Poorly. This superexcrescence torpesces the mind with sea slug-slime languidity. This suggillation on his record is permanent, sadly, due to AD 02. It would put a seismoscope to sleep.

No Longer Strangers (Original Mix)

You'll wish you were, though: NLS is no better. Just another somniferous, deadening dyschezia.