Life Aquatic / Morning Star / Trans Am

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23 February 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Life Aquatic (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 126 G minor 7:21
Morning Star (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 126 F# major 9:10
Trans Am (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 127 A minor 7:30

Plummet hard. Harder than the Felix Baumgartner. Harder than Blackberry stocks. Harder than heroin. Harder than diamonds. Harder than the baby name 'Isis'. Harder than Syria's population. Harder than finding a habitable planet. Hard.

Life Aquatic (Original Mix)

Wasting no time, at 1:16, this utopian fractalesque, direct from so close to the edge of the universe it might as well be another one, will inspire you to see every branch of Mandelbrot in new colours & smells. Paul (really) pushed the edge of art with this googol-dimensional hypercube.
It begins with pads as sharp as Keeley's wit. After a climax & a descent, it returns lucently, higher, & comes out of the bathysphere more luminiferous & adrenergic than ever. This more than deserved its place in AD 01. This needs remixes.

Morning Star (Original Mix)

Instead, we received this. Let's see what Minitrue has to say about this:
With its easygoing feel Morning Star transports the listener into the twilight dimension, effortlessly blending sweeping waves of luscious synths with evocative retro-inspired keys. Pig. Swill.
Why is this the one that has more than 9 minutes? LA ends at 5:04. The bassline is a drab monstrosity is a morningstar to the face, stomach, & everywhere else, especially after the bliss of LA. It's morphine, but without the joyous effects. Pure sedative.
The keys mentioned earlier are only half a tune. They have some effect, though not enough to merit MS being called complete.

Trans Am (Original Mix)

'Life Aquatic' sounds poetic, but I cannot trace it to any. That morning star was actually a meteoroid. 'Trans Am' means transamerican, referring to a car, & 'post-rock' band, a 2005 film & its soundtrack, etc. in other words it means nothing. This does not span the Americas. This does not even span a millimetre. Mere atmosphere cannot sustain life. The ambience may be turned up, but this has as much substance as a political ad.