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26 February 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lightform (Original Mix) Sonicvibe pres. Vardran 134 F# minor 7:27
Lightform (Vardran's Chunky Funky Mix) Sonicvibe pres. Vardran 134 F# minor 8:53
Lightform (Sassot Remix) Sonicvibe pres. Vardran 135 F# minor 8:22


Lightform (Original Mix)

This is the event horizon. I might actually recommend listening to this, just because of how bad it is.
It cannot get worse than this.
It cannot. Wow! This is such a waste of time, that this makes all other recrement look better, purely by virtue of taking longer than 2 seconds to make.
Here are some words for how bad this is: infernal. Opprobrious. Ignominious. Excruciating.
October & November 2016 sound rather diligent compared to this. This is literally just intro the whole way through. Not even a climax.
Did Vardran extort Above & Beyond? Either that, or A & B were incapacitated.
Between this & his remixes of Amnesia & Are You Fine?, I am glad to say that we have seen the last of this krokodil addict.
These are the songs[1] serial killers play to torture their victims.

Lightform (Vardran's Chunky Funky Mix)

That sordid mess must have spent all of his time on this. It has a tune! A fuliginous, well-made tune. Nothing seraphic, though it is pleasantly listenable.
It has even a tuneful climax, after a spot of bother.

Lightform (Sassot Remix)

Sassot is ostensibly one of the Japanese words for immediately. That's how quickly I took to it: this climactic (ordered worst[2] to best) EP ends with a supernal, atramental tune. This rhapsodic originality has even a tuneful climax! Thankfully, since it's wonderful, especially after the Kafka/Orwell horror collaboration. This remix was later done better by Attractive Deep Sound[3] in Vittoria.