Lights Over Austin / Northern Aura

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Infra dignitatem for all involved.


22 September 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lights Over Austin (Original Mix) Tritonal 132 D minor 7:24
Northern Aura (Original Mix) Tritonal 130 A# minor 7:14

Tritonal's sole release on Anjunabeats inadequately expressed their talent.

Lights Over Austin (Original Mix)

As exemplified by their current muck, & how the synopsis[1] brags about 'Essence Of Kea', which is not worth mentioning, ever. From 2011-2016, they would have much more to proudly display.
This is nonetheless a feather in their oversized cap, not a cowpat, though this plumage is from a pigeon. Without any similarity to their later work, or even their contemporaneous work, this is deep trance with emphasis on the psychedelica. The style is unimitated.
Partially bouncing funkiness, twice psychonautic nectar, & all stranger than Juan Ismael neonstyling bharatanatyam, LOA is a small tribute to their hometown. The meat of the non-breakdown parts is cooked well. The breakdowns are psychoscapes within themselves. They don't blaze, but are miasmata for the soul. This is no standout due to quality, but for oddity. There's plenty of room in Volume Six.

Northern Aura (Original Mix)

This travesty of Jaytech's Pepe's Garden only enunciates their early incompetence, because Pepe's Garden was never tolerable in the first place.
A half-remembered, garbled dribble of effort is all this is.