Liquid Sweep

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4 August 2002


Title Act Duration
Liquid Sweep (Original Mix) Aalto 7:36
Liquid Sweep (Super8 Mix) Aalto 8:00

Aalto, a duo of Paavo Siljamaki & Super8, debuted their confederation with this, a classic two-tracker of orthodox liveliness.

Liquid Sweep (Original Mix)

The OM is an inventive, mirthful pleasantry, with altered vocals that are tunefully extraneous, an agreeable, fuliginous tune, & a lively, tuneful, dividual (meaning divisible/composite) climax. Although not seraphic, this is still a great time.

Liquid Sweep (Super8 Mix)

This obscure song has one remix, & it's from Super8. It fuses the two components of the main original tune & energy of the OM. Super8's remix has more vivacity, & the tune isn't as emotive as in the original. It's still worth listening to.