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31 January 2006

This was Maor Levi's debut. His first of three songs on Anjunadeep before switching to Anjunabeats was also the only one remixed. These three songs are of a style that was continued in a different way later, analogous to the way that electrochemical batteries have come in different shapes over the centuries, & the idea is invariant. This style is a combination of incongruous, psychedelic vocals (especially in Lital), a benthic bassline, & copious energy.

Mix Act Duration
Lital (Original Mix) Maor Levi 8:49
Lital (Rouzbeh Delavari Remix) Maor Levi 7:40

Lital (Original Mix)

Hebrew for 'my dew', the Israeli has presented a singularly electrifying debut: this ephemerality seizes with psychedelic fuliginosity. The vocals are alienly incongruous. The synth is radiant; a stellar body of dolour in a piceous sky.
Thankfully, this has two remixes.

Lital (Rouzbeh Delavari Remix)

Unfortunately, they writhe in their own filth. This one is nothing more than a conversion to harder trance. Don't worry about, nor buy this. He doesn't reappear.

Lital (Daniel Kandi Remix)

The final remix is from Daniel Kandi, released in 2010 in the first Trance Around The World compilation. This is wildly different from the OM: his uplifting mix contrasts stabbingly with the sunless OM. His effort amounts to nothing. It is iterative, unimpressive, & insultingly emotionless.