Logger Riddem / Mantis

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3 November 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Logger Riddem (Original Mix) Solarity 128 A minor 7:20
Mantis (Original Mix) Solarity 128 D# major 8:46

Logger Riddem (Original Mix)

LR lives up to its Jamaican name, as a template. Stylistically, this set the frame for future releases under Solarity. Worthless trash balloons left & right, choking the tune kudzu-style. It doesn't help that the tune also has been duct taped shut. The barely audible vigour is lightning seen through umpteen dirty windows. It's piteous, since it's red aureity.

Mantis (Original Mix)

From abyssolithology to levity, Mantis sounds like the result of an algorithm, albeit a good one. Not a functional one, though; this is less appetising than fried mantis, & has less meat too.