London / 1985

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Spins my view to a kill right round.


2 March 2010

Mix Act
London (Original Mix) Marcus Schossow
1985 (Original Mix) Marcus Schossow

Schossow's only AD release sanctificated AD 02.

London (Original Mix)

Live Aid, the Brixton Riot, Miss World- 1985 was a crazy year for London. Sharper than the Shard, the panoply, proving his panurgy, arrived after a daydreaming romp in cloud-cuckoo-land's embassy, which pivots into peracute theopneusty: a wintry idiorhythm, snowing flakes among hailrocks.

1985 (Original Mix)

From the Eye to the Dome, this ghastly Ripper antithesises London. Seven minutes could be spent learning a new language, or baking a cake, or listening to London, all of which are preferable to knowing about this sick pyogenesis.