Lonely Girl

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15 June 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lonely Girl (Original Mix) OceanLab 134 G minor 5:32
Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix) OceanLab 134 G minor 7:48
Lonely Girl (Ronski Speed Remix) OceanLab 134 G minor 9:20

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The final SOTS single is no deviation from the angelic deviation.

Lonely Girl (Original Mix)

The most electronic song from the seraph's hymnbook is an antimony pentafluoride fountain; a brazen bull[1] of triturating umbriferous profluence that spares no nanosecond of epiphany. The sole SOTS song with an intro & outro, the electricness is hyperabundant in every sense. At one point in this Sillas, a one-time melodic descent plummets & crashes through your heart. Fluvial ascension also exospheres this wonderpiece.
The climax transliterates the orgasm. Bridges in climaxes are a nectareous idea.

Lonely Girl (Music Video)

A 2009 video with a dark room & a Weinstein behind the scenes turned out well. The supremacy of the sound clashes with the video that you or I could have made. In it, a polaroid addict gets back with her ex-lover, misverting the whole song, even as the song keeps imploring him/her to return, when he did. Another perfunctory video, made for money, & not to tell a story.

Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)

This farraginous mix is easy to get lost in: a synth appears unexpectedly. Unpredictability is the sole virtue of this unnecessary mix, though.
This ear candy is just as unhealthy & ineluctibly bland as real candy.

Lonely Girl (Ronski Speed Remix)

This mix uses the ultravirtuous approach to structure: some nice electrotrash, then a seraphic tune, then ultralethal electrotrash, then a tuneful climax. In this case, the tune is extraneous to the OM. It defines flection, from the ultraspinning soundtrack to Icke's incubi, to the tanin-laced piano, to the Tsar Bombas Ronald unleashed without restraint. A suitable remix for a song of this calibre.