Lonely Girl (Remixes)

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6 July 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lonely Girl (Ercola Remix) OceanLab 128 G minor 7:34
Lonely Girl (PROFF Remix) OceanLab 128 G minor 7:24

Lonely Girl (Ercola Remix)

One-timer Ercola should have been a no-timer. This left my head as soon as it ended. The sound of ether has been molded many times on Anjuna, & it changes never.

Lonely Girl (PROFF Remix)

Even at this point, it was clear that PROFF stood for good times.
No remix of LG is similar to the OM. Ershov's perpetually tropical funk & bottomless humanity shine once again in this argentiferous vein. The climax happens twice; once in the middle, & once before the outro. Between them lies a faster than light space escalator to GN-z11[1]: this essential remix is tragically obscure.