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1 April 2013

Mix Act Duration
Lose Sight (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 3:59
Lose Sight (Ghosting Season Remix) Andrew Bayer 4:34

Lose Sight (Original Mix)

Despite the date, this is no joke: the first of only two singles from If It Were You, We'd Never Leave was this. Not Farnsworth Court, no! But this instead. Lose Sight has to be a joke title at Bayer's own expense, because he lost all of his senses when proportioning this. The vastest majority of LS is a cross between royalty-free indie music & Sesame Street Z-sides. Showing his New York background with traffic-infused sounds & a jumpy street vibe, AB went all the way in his quest to make the most ataractic journey up a NY skyscraper he could. Like the ‘w’ in ‘WASP’, the entire tumescence is unneeded, & almost palate-spoiling. But nothing can stand in the way of good music, especially if you can edit out the bad parts with Audacity for free. 2:03 to 3:03 is what makes LS a wholly recommendable delight: this minute repeats the same four rorating notes, each slowly falling in a domino spill of aerialist feathers, surreally sliding in from the sides instead of following in a straight line as usual. Leave it to the master of alternativism to craft the first multi-dimensional aural experiment. This unsettling advancement in sound physics shines even brighter when fueled by the third note's ghostly, cadaverous spine-freezing. If you have never read 'O Whistle & I'll Come For You, My Lad', then this third note is all you have to hear to get the gist[1] of it.
In sum, the tune of LS warrants the singling. Congratulations to the ace of phantasms.

Lose Sight (Ghosting Season Remix)

Gavin Miller & Tom Ragsdale, aka Worriedaboutsatan (sic), understandably couldn't build off of that in any direction, so they gave it a new one: we need a regular dose of the terminally dark, airs pungent with shadows, unable to breathe without taking in that sweet dread. The piano & the zesty synth keep this not only deep below light's reach, but also refractory & aggressive, spitting a little load of lysergic in our faces while they knifingly cream away. Ultimately, although it is a sweet gesture, this remix is too repetitive & uneventful to be worth rehearing, although you might like it.

  1. pun intended