Lost Highway / Three Colours / Someone Like You

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30 January 2012

Mix Act
Lost Highway (Original Mix) Dusky
Three Colours (Original Mix) Dusky
Someone Like You (Original Mix) Dusky
Lost In You (Hugga Thug Remix) Dusky

Lost Highway (Original Mix)

This crept into AD 04. It should have been purged, just like the rest of Dusky's fetid tongue-gouging. Their record on AB is rather small, not counting Solarity, so this makes them look even worse than what they really are. 2011-2 is a short span, & it spelled out everything wrong with this subroach guise: not one of their successes (e.g. Stick By This (the song), or Need You Back) had to be done by Dusky. Slarity could have taken it; & the more experimental sound could have just been a new direction for them. No-one ever needed Mr Miyagi, or Grain, or any of the Idi Aminous knives down our throat from Stick By This. Pure experimentation is no virtue- tunes are. & this EP hiked the pick-axe in further, cementing their parasitic, trachea-stabbing reputation, & solidifying the cement with their charred heads. Apt title: "A habitually evil state of living, especially one that goes against Christian morals." But it's not habitual, but constant. This one uses two notes the whole time. It's not hypnotic, or alternative, or experimental, or new or provocative or avant-garde. Lost Highway is the sound of andropause with the look of kidney stones in the brain, & the feel of sting-rays in your gunshot wounds.

The Other Three

They have four legs. Twenty are in the grave.