Lost In You

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15 August 2011

Mix Act
Lost In You (Original Mix) Dusky
Lost In You (Vincenzo Remix) Dusky
Lost In You (T. Williams Remix) Dusky
Lost In You (Youandewan Remix) Dusky

This Pommie duo's first release as 'Dusky' forewarned their November album. Wasting Janai's vocals, these four idiot idiolaters crammed & beat the 'a' into a sewage pipe. Usually, there's something that I can say, even about horrendous muck. But these four tracks are just practice templates at best, & parts of them at worst.

Lost In You (Original Mix) (Music Video)

Here's a tip for Benjamin Ellsworth & all those music video directors who seem to hate this medium and all mediums: don't do something that I can do in one hour, or even better, anything that I can do. The video somehow has less effort than the song does, being just shots of Janai & the streets behind her. I'd give all these misosophers a push over the Mongefossen.