Love Is Not Enough

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19 March 2012

Mix Act
Love Is Not Enough (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (Maor Levi & ilan Bluestone Remix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (MRZO Remix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (Synkro Remix) Above & Beyond
Love Is Not Enough (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) Above & Beyond

Love Is Not Enough (Original Mix)

The sixth of eight[1] singles from Group Therapy was the worst. Sweetest Heart. Eternal. Only A Few Things. These could have been stars. But instead, this fetid deepity was spotlighted & magnified by remixes.
The only respite in this Zyklon alphabet is the tuneless perbounce that leads us up to the temple, & reappears at 2:28. Funky & punchy, this thumbtack pillow is too good for this hard blather.
There are countless ideas in LINE, none of them substantive. A flea would starve on this piano. Some things should just be reworked, until they sound human-generated. Such as the violin, which skims in & out differently to any other song, & still adds nothing. When your innovation is less interesting than grass[2] growing, you must start again. Hard.
ZJ's vocal tortions are anaesthetic per se. Rare. Nevertheless, it has a million views on some legal expert's channel.[3]

Love Is Not Enough (Music Video)

Did the vid have to be grayscale too? ZJ sat in a tree, looking bored, for nothing.
Imagine how many artistes blacked out after seeing the yin-yang symbolism at 3:48. The whole vid is backwards, making the narrative still as imaginative as the song. Something is not interesting just because it's told differently.
They brag that they got tremendous actors, both Mancurian. But nothing they did couldn't have been done by you.
The oh-so-visionary director this time is Vicky Simmons: it "follows the thoughts and emotions of two lost lovers in the final moments of their relationship- just as they realise that the relationship really isn't going to work. The whole video is filmed and edited in reverse, reflecting upon the cyclical nature of relationships. [Deep.] The backwards footage highlights the ambiguity and uncertainty of whether they are emotionally leaving or returning", she explained after he fifth absinthe. If your editing, the sole attraction, only highlights, then your whole schtik floundered, pseudo-Lynch.

Love Is Not Enough (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Reductivism & amping is the way to go. It even made the tune tolerable, after a small change. But this dish of tears is a drop compared to the Pacific that is almost anything else, such as the following track.

Love Is Not Enough (Maor Levi & ilan Bluestone Remix)

So I could have a grape, or the vinyard itself. Pass over that squished muck & get to this, iB's second entry overall, & his second with ML, after On Our Own. Ignore those that are in for a quick buck! Pay attention to those who care about their names. ML & iB clearly did- they ditched the OM tune for their own new hyperreductivist bangplosion, making Descartes look complex when they cornute both A & B with a keraunic blackbow.

Love Is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)

Ryan Gary Raddon stopped by only once, to do his scabrous superexcrescence. Quick, hack it all off, before it metastasises.

Love Is Not Enough (MRZO Remix)

Zohar chose wisely to hide his face- his album was coming. His dnb persona was a red herring, a dustbin for his nonattempts, which is offensive to that great genre, as is this rotten pineapple that is microtropical chillout. He redeemed himself later, but there is no excuse for this.

Love Is Not Enough (Synkro Remix)

A minute of the OM is the worst prodrome possible. Joe McBride would return for Dusky, but this was his first huff party. He couldn't fool us into thinking this is the OM all day- his dreamtasm couldn't wait. Too empty for dnb, this is minimalistic air. Even the OM had things to point at, if not to enjoy. JM couldn't even muster another copy to fill five minutes. Forget mister yak: this is the real prate crime.

Love Is Not Enough (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)

2016 was a bad winter. AD 08's Wisternoff retro-grab is in AD 08. What do you think it'll be? It's in 2016, AD 08, & this page. It's a violent pack of prions. Of course it's the bluest putrefaction, from inside to out. JW & JG coudn't pick up a tune if it be covered in superglue.

  1. Translations don't count
  2. bamboo is fast