Lovin' Feeling / Let Go

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3 November 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lovin' Feeling (Original Mix) Kandi & Neumann 140 A# minor 6:47
Let Go (Original Mix) Kandi & Neumann 137 D# minor 8:04

Two of everything: Danes, Daniels, & dance songs. However, they are not the same.

Lovin' Feeling (Original Mix)

The Anjunabeats synopses[1] are infuriating. They never make any sense:
Employing a running, driving bass pattern to get it airborne, it unleashes the big strings. From there it twins orchestral hits with super-heated pads before heading skyward courtesy of its mammoth squalling pitch-bent synth-thriller finale!
What was any of that gobbledegook? They take something & wait until it kicks in before they get to work, or perhaps are perpetually intoxicated.
Which is apposite. If you're looking for some generic excrement, you've come to the best place.
LF is the rottenest junk. It is easy to avoid it, thankfully.

Let Go (Original Mix)

How many songs are there named 'Let Go'? Even Anjunabeats has two others, from Aruna, & from Super8 & Tab. This was the first, though, by years.
& all of them are sybaritic anyway. This one begins at 2:22, with interminably nectareous atrament flaying your soul, before dying at 3:05 & reincarnating as a completely discrete song. It's worth it for the 43 seconds, though.
They chose correctly for Volume 6: even the rest of the song is a lachrymatory euphoria. Effulgent in every second, Let Go should have been split into two songs, one caliginous, the other atrabilious.