Lucky Strike / Synapse Dynamics

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23 February 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Lucky Strike (Original Mix) Mat Zo 137 A# major 7:47
Synapse Dynamics (Original Mix) Mat Zo 128 A minor 8:13

With this installment, the Ultra-High Performance Concrete[1] of his monolithic nectarious chiliad of luminiferosity was laid, & set.

Lucky Strike (Original Mix)

This luciferous strike of lightning produced[2] the smoothest fulgurite of a tune. Do yourself a stellar favour & roll it around in your hands, up & around & inside. This tune is as Melpomenean as it is onirical pulchritude. The setup & climax are interpolated by some hard tech. It feels terminated too soon.

Synapse Dynamics (Original Mix)

This is the only Anjunabeats mix to ever feature on an Anjunadeep volume. This one was on the first ever, perhaps a singular moment of eclecticity on AB, or their experimentation in the first draft of the AD Volume template.
The style is an oscillating instrument particular to Mat Zo. He syncretises cultures & annihilates conventions with ease. Or, he did.
The tune is aptly prodigal. Alongside the lightlessness of the main tune plays a more varied, less iterative tune, a blue light. It brightens with the colour of melancholy: that's emotion. Otherwise SD would be much less. Look to the afterplay for that. It's purely the bassy umbriferosity.

Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)

Who better to remix a beloved masterpiece from a beloved master than his close confederate Stolyarov? This can be viewed as more than a conversion to big room progressive trance, despite the lack of anything original. Arty chose to foreground the inconspicuous blue light that is easily missed in the OM, despite the euphoria it brings. There's no missing the glory in this remix, though. With a memorable beat pattern, this includes another Arty requisite: a consummate high-pitched siren.
This was one of the few successes of 10 Years Of Anjunabeats. It merited the whole compilation.