Made In Bahrain

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10 May 2006

'Made In Bahrain is the stylish debut single from Dan Stone. The track landed at Anjuna HQ as a very promising demo & was instantly picked up by Above & Beyond, who began testing it out in their sets,' it says[1] in the synopsis, which doesn't mention the remix. This was revived in 2010, for some reason.

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Made In Bahrain[2] (Original Mix) Dan Stone 138 B major 7:41
Made In Bahrain (Orkan Remix) Dan Stone 138 B major 8:20

Made In Bahrain (Original Mix)

'Subtle yet anthemic' they said. 'Stylish' they said. 'Very promising' they said. 'Anjuna HQ' lied.
Dan Stone's music is overall a benefit to the world, which is better than some people. It is unimaginable as to why they would accept this. It is irredeemable in every way. This excrement should have stayed dead.
Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy that enacted female suffrage in 2002, & has an abominable human rights record, & even they would be insulted[3] by this.

Made In Bahrain (Orkan Remix)

Orkan's task was to manufacture a listenable experience from this irredeemable invective of Bahrain. Orkan (not to be confused with Orjan), who you will never hear about again for the rest of your life in any situation, evidently failed this difficult mission.
There is no tuneful climax in this. The tune is invariant. The electrotrash is garbage & takes up 80% of the duration. Avoid this.