Made Of Sun / Falling Anywhere

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"Made Of Sun / Falling Anywhere"
Stick to Falling Anywhere.
Single by Kyau vs. Albert
Released 20 January 2005
Kyau vs. Albert singles chronology

Velvet Morning (Remixes) "Made Of Sun / Falling Anywhere" Kiksu


20 January 2005

Mix Act Duration
Made Of Sun (Kyau & Albert Hard Dub) Kyau & Albert 7:12
Falling Anywhere (Kyau & Albert Rework) Kyau & Albert 6:58
Made Of Sun (Album Mix) Kyau & Albert 4:43

Kyau & Albert return for their second round of using Anjunabeats as a repository for their remixes. After the elephantic Velvet Morning, they decided to iterate with their next singles from their 2004 album Here We Are Now, 'Made Of Sun' & 'Falling Anywhere'.

Made Of Sun (Kyau & Albert Hard Dub)

This is extreme drossiness. Avoid this.


Falling Anywhere (Kyau & Albert Rework)

I don't know why this is listed as a 'rework' in some places. This is not reworked at all.
Nonetheless, this is prepossessing. The piano et al amalgamate in a forceful, dolorous expression that is not seraphic, though marvellous, & very pleasing.

Made Of Sun (Album Mix)

Exactly what it sounds like: copied & pasted from Euphonic, more than two minutes shorter than the OM.
Being very catchy is not a merit. Made Of Sun has no merit.