Magenta Sunset / Wateresque

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You might love this anyway, even if I don't.


18 May 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Magenta Sunset (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 124 G# minor 8:51
Wateresque (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 122 B minor 8:10

From MC's lowest quartile comes some of AD's better songs. Not best, just better.

Magenta Sunset (Original Mix)

No wonder it's edited for the album: it ends with over three minutes of useless outro. That's insane by any standards seen on Anjunadeep; some songs by Solarity, for instance, have only a minute of tune, but at least they attempt to have climaxes. At 9 minutes, however, there's plenty of meat besides. The tune is as saccharine as a magenta sunset, but lacks its penetrating rays. MS can cause that diluted blood to stream, but not as easily as the name suggests. Iterativeness is only a slight obstacle; it is nonetheless a darkly welcome addition to Temporarity.

Wateresque (Original Mix)

Wateresque as an image.

Wateresque, e contrario, was piteously added to nothing. The majestic sunset gave way to a cloudy night, constantly raining. Sized for a cathedral, this tune is almost too watery, too fluid, never stopping, cycling back & forth in a closed rhythm abhorring change. Made by DARPA is a compliment here; not a good sign.